Some cars just never make it to the stage because their predecessor is hogging the entire spotlight. Here's your ten cars most overshadowed by their predecessor.

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Photo Credit: Street Fire

10.) Ferrari 360

Suggested by: hike15

Why It's So Overlooked: Jeremy Clakson had this to say about the Ferrari 355, "The Ferrari 355 is like a quail's egg dipped in celery salt and served in Julia Roberts' belly button," whatever that means. All I know is that he thinks the 360 is hideous and so do many others. The fact of the matter is that the 360s styling serves a purpose and that purpose is to go fast!

Photo Credit: Buck

9.) Audi Quattro Coupe/S2

Suggested by: geistkoenig

Why It's So Overlooked: Some probably wouldn't even know this car existed were it not for this list! Overshadowing it is the S2's spiritual successor and Group B monster, the Ur-Quattro. The S2's engine is based of the 2.2 L inline-5 that's in the Quattro, but with more power. It just doesn't have the same appeal and rawness available in the Quattro. However, the S2 will still get to 60 in a blisteringly quick 5.7 seconds.

8.) Toyota MR2

Suggested by: Gimmi Morgaikknen

Why It's So Overlooked: The second generation MR2 had styling that resembled that of the Ferrari 355 and it remains the top pick for enthusiasts looking for a cheap mid-engined vehicle. Many overlook the much lighter and nibbler third generation MR2. The third gen car didn't have the same power that second gen did, but an almost 700 lb curb weight reduction meant that it could carve corners like hot butter knife through a stick of butter. I drove one once and let me tell you that I could see the wheels if I stuck my head up a little, making parallel parking a breeze!

Photo Credit: Masahiko Ohkubo

7.) Pontiac GTO

Suggested by: gray totoro

Why It's So Overlooked: The Holden Monaro based GTO that arrived in the States in 2004 was killed off only 2 years after the start of its "production". It could never compare to the GTO's previous generations, mostly due to nostalgia. We complain and complain about wanting Australia's awesome cars and when we finally get one, what happens? No one buys the car! The Corvette's engine and Aussie styling could not save this car from being chopped from the lineup.

Photo Credit: Ken

6.) Ford Mustang II

Suggested by: Harrison

Why It's So Overlooked: When the 64-1/2 Mustang was introduced it was a hit. Every car after that thrilled enthusiasts and continue to do so. Then 1974 and the Mustang II, a more compact Mustang was released. We may or may not like it, but the fact is that people bought it when it was released. Over a million Mustang IIs were sold in its four year production run. There was even an option for a 2.3 L engine that could get 34 mpg highway! Wow!

Photo Credit: Didier Lahousse

5.) Saab 9-3

Suggested by: yoda2

Why It's So Overlooked: The Saab 9-3 just doesn't have the cult following that the Saab 900 has. The 900 was produced for 14 years and it became a car for drivers. The Saab 9-3, however, became a car for business types, suits and the performance seems to have disappeared. It hasn't though! The 9-3's improved suspension meant that you could blast down that twisty backroad and have the same excitement you did in your 900.

Photo Credit: Phil

4.) Mazda RX-8

Suggested by: The Second Spitter

Why It's So Overlooked: Everyone screams FD, FD, FD! The want factor for the FD RX-7 is a factor of a 10 greater than that of the RX-8. Nonetheless, the RX-8 is a capable vehicle, with suicide doors so your legless children can sit in the back while and accompany you while you rev the bejesus out of the 250 Renesis wankel.

Photo Credit: Andrew Bain

3.) Porsche 996 911

Suggested by: Nighthawkwill7

Why It's So Overlooked: The 993 Porsche is a dream and had the last of the air-cooled engines. The 996 brought an end to the era where your engine would overheat if you weren't doing 60 or it was a warm day. Despite being watercooled, the 996 911s were still magnificent machines. There were even track models, GT3 and GT2, cars that were lustworthy in the early 2000s.

Photo Credit: lacomj

2.) Nissan 350Z

Suggested by: My X-type is too a real Jaguar

Why It's So Overlooked: The Z32 300ZX Twin Turbo was a beast of a machine, speaking for personal experience. There was a 7-year hiatus before the Z33 350Z was released, enough time for beige to penetrate Nissan. Nissan sought to return to its roots in the design of the 350Z and created a 2 seat sports coupe that could hold its own against some much faster cars.

Photo Credit: Reg Aquino

1.) BMW E36 M3

Suggested by: TroyQueef

Why It's So Overlooked: Due to fanboyism, the E30 M3 is the often talked about pinnacle of motoring. S14 this and lightweight that. Yeah, whatever dude. All this E30 talk and we forget about how awesome, and faster, the E36 M3 is. It's like the Karate Kid and Blood Sport, the premise being: guy wants to learn karate and does so from crazy Japanese sensei. The difference is that Blood Sport is more hardcore and more awesome, people are killed! Everyone remembers the Karate Kid though, just like everyone remembers the E30 M3 over the E36.

Photo Credit: Drew Stephens