Trucks are as American as freedom fries and apple pie, but around the world there are trucks with similar and even greater capabilities. With your help, we've come up with this list of ten great non-American trucks.


This is Answers of the Day - where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's "Question Of The Day". It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers.

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10.) 2011 Ford Ranger

Suggested by fhrblig

Why It Hauls Ass: The global Ranger is definitely the best looking Ranger to exist. Since it's not making it to the U.S., we want it even more. The six-speed manual can be mated to one of two Duratorq diesel engines or a gas engine, producing plenty of torque to haul around your friend's living room furniture. You probably shouldn't have told him you own a truck or even said you'd help him move.


9.) HSV Maloo

Suggested by Spiegel, Changes Names too Often

Why It Hauls Ass: There was a another HSV on yesterday's Answers of the Day, proving that you really can't go wrong with an Australian car. The HSV Maloo 'ute comes with a variety of GM V8 engines, meaning that you can pull a trailer at speeds you've never even considered. The Maloo R8 holds the record for the fastest 'ute in the world with a top speed of 168 MPH, beating out the RAM SRT-10,


8.) Daihatsu Midget

Suggested by gtuned

Why It Hauls Ass: Have you ever tried to play the Citta di Aria course in GT4 in reverse? The Daihatsu's 660 cc engine is quite low on power and probably couldn't make it up most hills, but as a city transporter this kei car can't be beat. Just hope no one asks for a ride.


Photo Credit: speedwaystar

7.) Nissan Patrol

Suggested by My X-type is too a real Jaguar

Why It Hauls Ass: The Nissan Patrol came to fame when the Sheikh created a six-wheeled monster out of a Patrol. The Patrol is a vehicle that is meant to get you where you're going, no matter what, and it is used as a military vehicle in Asia and the Middle East. It's also the UN's vehicle of choice in much of the world. The current generation shares the same platform with soccermom transporter Nissan Armada and trophy wife barge Infiniti QX45


6.) Man Dakar Trucks

Suggested by Nighthawkwill7

Why It Hauls Ass: Dakar trucks are awesome, the support trucks are even cooler, and they are even capable of sneakily transporting ungainly amounts of cocaine. Nothing stops these vehicles from going through anything. Sand dunes? It plows right through them. Muddy, narrow mountain roads next to sheer drops? No worries, this truck will get you to your destination on time and in one piece.


Photo Credit: Alex Fuentes


5.) Land Rover Defender

Suggested by thedudeabides

Why It Hauls Ass: The Defender is a go-anywhere, cross-anything type of vehicle. It has been in production since 1980s (with a much older lineage) and is used as a military vehicle around the world. The special edition G4-Defender was developed for use in Land Rover's first G4 challenge, where teams are presented with challenges and must get through the wilderness in their vehicles. If you're stuck in the British countryside or the Saharan desert or an Indian jungle, the Defender can get you through all the mud, sand, or rivers.


Photo Credit: Nick Wilkes

4.) Lamborghini LM002

Suggested by Jagvar

Why It Hauls Ass: Lamborghini used to make tractors, but then Enzo Ferrari pissed off Ferruccio Lamborghini and he started making insane Ferrari competitors. The Rambo Lambo is somewhat of a return to Lamborghini's roots. Only 301 units were produced in its 7 year run. It was originally purposed as a military vehicle, but the civilian version was marketed towards rich Sheikhs because of its ability to traverse deserts with ease. Powered by the Countach's 5.2 L V12, the LM002 had an optional 7.2 L V12, which is found in Class 1 offshore powerboats.


Photo Credit: Patrick Hawks

3.) Peugeot 504 Pickup Truck

Suggested by Vavon
Why It Hauls Ass: The Peugeot 504 was a large family sedan that came in a quite a few body styles, strangely including a 2-door pickup truck that can "take everything you throw at it". Therefore, this quirky French pickup is a 'ute at heart. The French automotive specialist Dangel produced Peugeot-approved 4X4 versions of the 504 pickup and wagon for your offroading pleasure.


2.) Mercedes Unimog

Suggested by Pete84

Why It Hauls Ass: Mercedes' Universal-Motor-Gerät or Unimog is used for pretty much anything and everything, even being used in the Dakar Rally. The high ground clearance is due to the sued of portal gears, allowing the axles and transmission to sit higher than the center axis of the wheels and the suspensions long travel allows any terrain to be crossed. The Unimog is even capable of climbing 3 foot tall boulders.


Photo Credit: Fvanweerdenburg

1.) Toyota Hilux

Suggested by jakebonz

Why It Hauls Ass: The Hilux can get you through a lot of things, such as, an arctic expedition and becoming the first car to make it to the North Pole, exploring a volcano and uknowingly causing its eruption or being abused like no other truck could ever be abused. There's really no arguing with it. The Hilux has gained our respect and admiration through its sheer awesomeness.