Mother Russia. Home of Vodka, sexy ladies in fur hats, and, apparently, the worst drivers in the world. Maybe these winter warriors thought they were still operating Soviet tanks; maybe they were drunk. One thing is for sure: ZOMG HILARIOUS.

OK, nobody here speaks Russian, but we're pretty sure the street sign that is miraculously intact above this car does not say Citroen. So it's a mystery as to why this 2009-ish C4 is parked on the wrong side of the street. The reason for that guard-rail's existence, though, is clear as deadly, delicious carbon monoxide...

Hey, got a new Ford acronym joke for you: Found On Russian, Divider.


Aight, time to out the caviar-eating white elephant chain-smoking in the back of the room: WTF is up with Russians and driving on guardrails? Maybe you can figure it out with a trip over to English Russia.