YouTube locked out David Rock, the Canadian junk stuntman/convicted pedophile we wrote about in August, following a Canadian TV rehash of his past. The suspension was lifted last week, but now videos on the Davidsfarm channel no longer carry ads.

During the lockout, Rock took to another channel to post his rebuttals to the report. In that piece, a Google executive says the company will re-evaluate its policies on partnering with YouTube producers.


Rock, one of the most popular YouTube stars in Canada, says he earned about $100,000 from the site last year. While his main site has come back online, another channel he used to post videos during the ban has since been banned itself, and his supporters and "haters" are battling using the most available tool: marking every YouTube comment on his homepage as "spam."

YouTube and Google did not respond to repeated requests for an explanation of the decisions.
(Hat tip to Henry!)