Back in 1979, a few enterprising Illinois Nazis discovered a very unusual secret on Interstate 794 in downtown Milwaukee: A portal to Chicago! We may all hate Illinois Nazis, but we should congratulate their amazing scientific discovery!

The 1980 film The Blues Brothers is a cult classic in every sense of the word. The musical comedy starring Dan Akyroyd and the late John Belushi takes the blues duo on "a mission from God" to save their childhood Catholic orphanage. Even the Vatican says it's "recommended viewing for Catholics everywhere." Scratch that, I say, it's recommended viewing for people everywhere. If you have not seen The Blues Brothers, stop reading and go watch the movie. Now. I'm serious.


One of the hallmarks of the movie are the comically epic car chase scenes. In the final car chase of the movie, the Bluesmobile, a 1974 Dodge Monaco, avoids the representatives of Illinois' law enforcement community only to find itself pursued by Illinois Nazis.

I hate Illinois Nazis.

The chase then suddenly finds itself in downtown Milwaukee on the then-incomplete I-794. The spur route was designed to connect the downtown with the southern suburbs, but political difficulties caused the route to not be fully completed until 1998. At the time of the movie's filming, the freeway was more or less stuck in limbo, with some bridges left unfinished.

In the Blues Brothers, "Joliet" Jake races towards the freeway end, only to save the car at the last moment and sends it flying backwards to escape the pursuing Nazis. In the background, we see the tallest building in Milwaukee, the US Bank Center.

When the Nazis run their Ford Pinto off the freeway, they are sent flying through the air, and suddenly find themselves high above the Chicago skyline! An inter-dimensional portal! Amazing!

The freeway is finished and the secret portal is gone, but it wasn't too long ago that one could jump off I-794, tell your Nazi leader that you've always loved him, and land 90 miles away.


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