Remember the Mid-Drive Crisis Mitsubishi Mirage? They all laughed when it entered the track! Well, nobody is laughing now, because the innovative Mitsu with the mid-mounted driver's seat now sits at the top of the Yeehaw It's Texas LeMons standings!

Mitsubishis have fared very, very poorly in LeMons racing over the years, to the point where a top-10 finish is a cause for jubilation among fans of Galants, Colts, Starions, and Eclipses.

Speaking of Diamond Star Motors products, we've got another Mitsubishi in second place: the Idiocracy Rehab Racing Talon looms less than a lap behind the Mid-Drive Crisis. You'd be hard-pressed to find a car with a worse LeMons record than the Talon; the Triumph TR7 might be its only rival for the Most Heartbreaking LeMons Car award. Sure, Talons are quick, but they tend to blow the hell up in endurance races.

One lap behind the Talon, we find a car that LeMons insiders predict will win a race in the 2010 season: the Cajun Coonasses dba Speed Racer Y'all Saturn SC2. This car has finished in the Top 5 in numerous races, won the '09 season team points championship, and would not shock any of us if it made up those two laps and roared to victory on Sunday. Believe it or not, the Saturn SL/SC has been a dominating LeMons car, and it's even more dominating in the hands of the super-consistent Cajun Coonasses wheelmen.

The top three had better not stumble, however, because the two-time LeMons-winning Red Rocket Ratnest Revival Ford Taurus SHO lurks a mere three laps behind the leader, and it's running best lap times well below the pace set by the leaders. Not only does this car get driven to and from the track— who needs a trailer?— but it serves as the team captain's daily driver (yes, he puts the doors back on when he drives on public roads)! Will that powerful-but-fragile Yamaha V6 hold together for one more day? You never know!

What's this? An Infiniti in the Top Five? That's right, the Swine Flew Raycing J30 has just five laps to make up in order to take the top spot, and a lot can happen in a day of racing in Texas.

Meanwhile, the Index Of Effluency race is really heating up. The long-awaited Duratec-powered Renault Dauphine is on the track, along with two Triumphs (TR6 and TR7), two Mustang IIs, and the most horrible Toyota Tercel hatchback we've ever seen. Check in later for more LeMons action!