While the Chicago Machine is the name of the Windy City's Lacrosse team, it's also a name for the Cook County Democratic Organization. Do not screw with them. I sort of thought the entire thing was a joke until I moved to Chicago and did work in politics. While their influence wanes and waxes, they're always there. Let know one tell you otherwise. There's a Mayor Daley in City Hall, and though there won't be one soon, the person there will inherit a job second in power only to the President and, even then, the President probably gets his way less. Ford's going to have to deal with a bunch of Lincoln dealers soon, and QuatolooMillionaire suggests a second city approach.

"Ford tries to soothe the savage Lincoln dealer beast by inviting them all to Dearborn ..."

... where Ford will show them the corpses of all the Mercury dealers and tell them to shut the fuck up.