If people actually purchased the cars they say they'd buy the Saturn Astra would be America's most popular car instead of the product of a dead brand. What car do you say you'll buy but never will?

An original MGA sounds like a great idea. The same idea the Miata copied many years later, it was a small, affordable RWD roadster with a sleek British body and a potent little fourbanger. And wire wheels! It's a beautiful piece of history and later models added power to turn it into a more-than-competent performer. But let's be honest here. MGA's are going up in price but, as time goes by, aren't getting more reliable. It's a particular kind of hell you're entering into and it just doesn't have the panache of an MGB GT. We'd totally buy an MGB GT or, at least, that's what we tell ourselves.

Time to put the imaginary checkbook away and get real folks.

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Photo Credit: Steffe