While I was paying homage to my Midwestern roots a couple weeks back, I did more than just drink Leinies and go to a classic Door County Peninsula drive-in. Vintage farm tractor show!

Even though I was sorely lacking in the International Harvester Scout department, my love of engines built by long-defunct (and not-so-defunct) Midwestern manufacturers drew me to the 28th Annual Valmy Thresheree and Antique Machinery Show.

In additional to all manner of interesting steam, diesel, and gasoline engines from the 1900-1970 period, the emblems and nameplates of old-time tractors rival anything put on road vehicles back in the day.

Check out the lines on this machine! You think the Soviets could have built something like this Case as part of Stalin's Five Year Tractor Production Quota Plan? Hell no!

I think I may have found the font for the next Murilee Martin logo.

Not all the attendees rolled up in a Scout or John Deere; the parking lot featured some nice automotive finds.

Those looking to buy a terrifyingly rusty Dodge Wayfarer were in luck!

They'd even grown a cornfield on the fairgrounds, so that old-school harvesting equipment could be demonstrated for the crowd. Now I definitely need to start shopping for an IHC Travelall D1000!