After 35 LeMons races, a Volkswagen has finally taken the overall win! With a small field due to the usual first-time-at-new-track deal, the race for the win on laps became a Supra-versus-Golf affair early on.

The JBR Dogma Supra stayed within a single lap of the Short Bus Golf for much of the race, but never could close the gap. Meanwhile, some serious vintage drag racing madness was taking place on the adjacent dragstrip, while interesting flying machines from nearby Offutt Air Force Base added to the din of roaring engines in the Nebraska (actually Iowa) sky.

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1. Team Short Bus, Volkswagen Golf
Winner On Laps
Photograph by Nick Pon

2. JBR DOGMA Racing, Toyota Supra
Winner, Class Good

3. Free Candy Racing, Honda Civic
Photograph by Nick Pon

4. Team Polksa Kielbasa, Nissan 300ZX
Winner, Class Bad

5. Ecurie Lowcosse, Volkswagen GTI
Photograph by Nick Pon

6. Shag Me Motorsports, Porsche 944

7. Tree Guys, Toyota Paseo

8. USA WTF 1 TOO, Mazda RX-7

9. Airborne Ranger Race Team, Chevrolet Beretta
Winner, Index Of Effluency
Winner, Class Ugly

10. USA WTF 1, Ford Mustang
Photograph by Nick Pon


12. Naturally Ass-Paraded, Toyota Paseo

13. Lincoln AssassinVIIItion, Lincoln Mark VIII
Photograph by Nick Pon

14. WorstCase / Zombie Squad Racing, Honda CRX
Photograph by Nick Pon

15. Not Fast But Really Furious, Ford Probe

16. Road Kill Warriors, Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight
Photograph by Nick Pon

17. Lemon Aid Racing, Geo Metro

18. Time Travelers Of Doom, Pontiac Fiero
Winner, Grassroots Motorsports Most From The Least award

19. Big Oil Racing, Pontiac Firebird
Winner, Judges' Choice award
Photograph by Nick Pon

20. Dutch Rudder Racing, Datsun 280Z
Photograph by Nick Pon

21. Crystal Gayle Cougars, Plymouth Neon
Photograph by Nick Pon

22. JBR Flying Monkey Racing, Toyota Supra

23. Viper Light Racing, Plymouth Neon

24. Team Skid Steer Bobcat, Mercury Bobcat
Winner, Organizer's Choice award
Photograph by Nick Pon

25. The Rusty Nuts, Jaguar XJ6
Winner, Heroic Fix award
Photograph by Nick Pon

26. Löwbräu Racing, Porsche 914
Photograph by Nick Pon

27. Clueless Racing, Honda CRX
Quickest lap of race (1:24.191)
Photograph by Nick Pon

28. Strange Racing, Datsun 510
Winner, I Got Screwed

Disclosure: Murilee Martin gets crazy baksheesh for his work on the LeMons Supreme Court.