This is 20-year-old Floridian Kristin Ashley Butcher. She allegedly crashed her Nissan into the front of a house, backed out, drove home, called the cops and claimed the car had been stolen, then returned damaged. They didn't believe her either.

It was the bleeding friend who'd been in the passenger seat that gave up Kristin, telling officers Kristin had been the one who crashed into a home in Port St. Lucie at 3:16 AM. Prior to that Ms. Butcher had called the police at 3:24 AM claiming someone had stolen her car and returned it to her home crashed, which would have been the first time in recorded history that had ever happened. The police didn't believe her (shocker) and determined she'd crashed into the home, causing $50,000 worth of damage, backed out, drove home and made the phony call. The trail of coolant leading from one location to another was a dead giveaway.

Ms. Butcher now faces two misdemeanor charges related to leaving the scene of a crash and one for filing a false report. She also is likely to be charged with being impossibly stupid to think the cops would fall for that story.
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