The problem with toy cars is that you can never find the Mercury you're looking for. As a former Cyclone owner, I'd long ago given up on finding a good office-cluttering Cyclone tchotchke, but check out what I just got!

The guys on the Lincoln AssassinVIIItion Mark VIII team work for, a vast online auction site for automotive memorabilia, and they lifted a couple dozen high-quality diecast toy cars from the GoMotorBids warehouse on the way to the track. Next stop, the LeMons Supreme Court Bribe table!

The LeMons HQ crew immediately dropped everything and started rooting through the selection. Sure, a hyper-detailed Ferrari F40 makes a nice decoration, and you can't argue with a 1:10 scale radio-controlled Ford GT40, but I just had to take the GMP Diecast 1:24 scale 1969 Dan Gurney Special Mercury Cyclone. This car is going right next to my diecast '70 AMC Rebel Machine when I get home.

Apologies for the crappy photographs; they're the best I can do in my badly-lit Iowa motel room after a day of busting LeMons miscreants. And thanks, Team Lincoln AssassinVIIItion!