Saturday was a long, sweaty, buggy racing session at the Mutually Assured Destruction Of Omaha LeMons, with engines nuking head gaskets all day long.

In first place, with a not-so-secure four-lap lead, we've got the Team Short Bus Volkswagen Golf. This VW sat in first or second place all day, occasionally expanding its cushion to a semi-comfortable 9 laps (this on a track configuration with lap times in the 1:30 area). Will the Short Bus drivers continue their run of error-and-breakdown-free quick laps? Who can say?

In second place is the Arse-Freeze-a-Palooza veteran Supra of JBR DOGMA Racing. We've seen this car in sight of the lead at a couple of Houston races, but never this close. Supras have taken the overall win at LeMons events in the past, so this car must be looming pretty large in the Golf's rear-view right about now.

The Free Candy Racing Civic sits just six laps back of the Short Bus, and its quickest lap time is nearly a full second quicker than the leader. The slightest stumble by the top two cars and the Pedobear will pounce on the lead!

Just a single lap behind the Civic and seven behind the leader, the Ecurie Lowcosse GTI gives Volkswagen two shots at the checkered flag on Sunday.

After that, the extremely rusty Team Polska Kielbasa 300ZX hopes to repeat the improbable feat of the first-ever Nissan Z LeMons victor. With 21 laps to make up, such a victory seems unlikely, but you never know what might happen at the race track.