34 races in, and a Nissan Z Car finally took an overall LeMons win! They said it could never happen, but then they also said that Saabs and Taurus SHOs couldn't win. Let's check out the competition!

With an Opel GT, a Daihatsu Charade, a Fiat 124 Spider, an E85-powered Civic, a huge purple Caddy DeVille, and the usual assortment of battered Altamont LeMons veterans, we saw a lot of nuts, bolts, connecting rods, bumpers, oil pans, and mannequins littering the race track over the weekend. The race for the win on laps was close from green to checkered, and the Charade-versus-Überbird battle for the Class Bad trophy was a true nail-biter.

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Disclosure: Murilee Martin Gets crazy baksheesh for his work on the LeMons Supreme Court

We saw the usual strong assortment of IOE and People's Choice contenders that we've come to expect from the West Coast events, and the race for the overall win stayed close all the way to the end.

1. Off Consistantly, Nissan 300ZX
Overall Winner
Winner, Z Cup

2. POSRacing.com, BMW E30
Winner, Class Good

3. B-Team—Kill Phil, BMW E30

4. Eyesore Racing, Mazda Miata
1 BS Penalty lap

5. Beyond Petroleum, BMW 533i

6. Team California Mille, Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce

7. Spirit of Joe, Volkswagen Golf
Winner, Class Bad

8. Barbarian Motorworks, BMW E30
Photo by Shawn Rodgers

9. Team Apathy Blown Seal Racing, Saab 9000

10. Hit & Run, Mazda RX-7
2 BS Penalty laps

11. Rice Rocket Racing, Datsun 240Z
Winner, Highest Placing 70s Contender award
Photo by Shawn Rodgers

12. R.A.T.S. Racing, Plymouth Neon
1 BS Penalty lap

13. Mazdarachis, Mazda RX-7

14. The Porsche Boyz 1, Porsche 924S

15. Eyesore Racing II, Honda Prelude

16. Filthy Tron, Ford Escort ZX2

17. Silly Dreams, Porsche 944

18. Priapism Racing, BMW E30

19. Team Bavarian Ranchero: Special Deliverance, BMW E30

20. Zoom-Zoom... BOOM, Ford Escort GT

21. Track to the Future II, Honda CRX

22. Reversed Darwinism IV - Sledgehammer Shitbreakers, Ford Crown Victoria

23. Communists R Us, BMW E21

24. Death Cab Do-Over, Volvo 244
Fastest Lap of Race (2:14.918)
30 BS Penalty laps

25.Uber Vogel: Hans-Am, Mercedes-Benz 190E

26. Volcano Motorsports, Ford Crown Victoria
3 BS Penalty laps

27. Faulknor Auto Racing Team, BMW E30

28. The Fat and The Furious, Mazda Miata

29. Team Red Bear, BMW E30

30. Haulin' Bass, Mazda RX-7

31. Cosmorita Chickens With Lady Godiva, Porsche 944
5 BS Penalty laps

32. Faster Farms Chickens IV— Plumped and Ready to Bake, Plymouth Belvedere

33. BROverload Racing, Volkswagen Jetta

34. Dai Hard 2: Dai Another Day, Daihatsu Charade
Winner, Class Ugly

35. Budget Racing, BMW E30
3 BS Penalty laps

36. Crazy Taxi, Honda Civic
11 BS Penalty laps

37. Bird Brain Racing, Ford Probe

38. Animal House, Acura Legend

39. Bernal Dads Racing 2, Volvo 245

40. Ecurie Ecrappe, Alfa Romeo Spider
Photo by Shawn Rodgers

41. Fast Times @ Placer High, Mazda Miata
1 BS Penalty lap

42. PIT CREW REVENGE, Honda Civic

43. CajunCoonasses dba Spinal Tap, Nissan Sentra SE-R

44. Hans und Franz Racing, BMW E30
5 BS Penalty laps

45. Excuse Me, Acura Integra

46. Caffeine Unlimited, BMW E30

47. Rascally Rabbit Racing, Fiat 124 Sport Spider

48. Team Überbird, BMW E24
Winner, I Got Screwed award

49. Smorgasborg, Porsche 944
7 BS Penalty laps

50. Import Auto, BMW E24

51. Jammed-Up, Mazda RX-7
10 BS Penalty laps

52. CajunCoonasses dba Def Leppard, Nissan Sentra SE-R
10 BS Penalty laps

53. Frak This Racing, Datsun 280Z

54. The Cannonball Bandits— La Migra, Toyota Supra
Winner, Organizer's Choice award


56. SteamPunkaZoid Racing, Mazda Miata
2 BS Penalty laps

57. Dirty Duck Racing, Volkswagen GTI
19 BS Penalty laps
Photo by Shawn Rodgers

58. SD Minis Team Bean, Austin Mini

59. Panting Polar Bear Racing, Ford Crown Victoria
10 BS Penalty laps

60. More Cowbell, Toyota Celica

61. Hit & Run 2, Mazda RX-7

62. LaHonda Bandit Racing Grope, Porsche 914

63. Crash For Clunkers, BMW E30
30 BS Penalty laps

64. Sin City LeMons, Volkswagen GTI

65. Grip Racing, Honda Civic

66. San Jose Scalawags, Mazda Miata

67. Team Tinyvette, Opel GT

68. CLERGY MC, Nissan NX2000

69. BBQ Rubber Chicken, Volvo 940

70. Racer X, Honda Prelude
1 BS Penalty lap

71. Fraidy Cat Racing, Jaguar XJ12

72. Snowspeeder Pilots Association
Winner, MR2 Cup

73. Gone In 60 Laps, Ford Mustang

74. MISHAT (My Idiot Son Hit A Tree) II: The Wagoning, Volvo 740 Wagon

75. Bernal Dads Racing, Mazda Miata

76. Nerd Herd, Toyota Celica

77. I Wanna Roc, Chevrolet Camaro

78. A-Team The Anarchy Edition, Porsche 944

79. King Henry V8th, Cadillac DeVille
Winner, Index of Effluency award

80. Dutch Touch Racing, Mercedes-Benz 300CE
Winner, Judges' Choice award

81. Chim Chim Racing, Volkswagen GTI

82. The Cannonball Bandits- Coyote, Toyota Corolla FX16
Winner, Organizer's Choice award

83. Mouse Trap Racing, BMW E30
20 BS Penalty laps


85. The Eager Beavers, Volkswagen GTI

86. Red Cross Relief, Porsche 944
150 BS Penalty laps

87. Dead-Head Racing, Alfa Romeo Spider
10 BS Penalty laps

88. GimpPimp, Cadillac SLS
Photo by Shawn Rodgers

89. Thundercock Racing Team #2, Mazda MX6

90. Far Too Fast, Acura Integra
Photo by Shawn Rodgers

91. Flamin' Rods, BMW E30


93. Lipstick On A Pig, Nissan Sentra SE-R

94. Speed Racer, Honda Prelude
35 BS Penalty laps

95. EASY 908/14, Porsche 914

96. Dust n Debris, Dodge Shadow

97. Dori Dori D'oh, Toyota Supra

98. Blood Drive, BMW 530i

99. Import Alloy Racing, Nissan 240SX
Photo by Shawn Rodgers

100. Rockin' Rollers, Mazda RX-7

101. Huey Newis and the Lose, Ford Mustang GT

102. Thundercock Racing Team #1, Mazda MX6

103. Team Cant Am, Volvo 242 Turbo

104. Cancer Fighters USA, Mazda Miata
100 BS Penalty laps
Photo by Shawn Rodgers

105. Team StimPack: Cornhuligans, Honda Civic
Winner, Heroic Fix award

106. Communists R Us 2, Austin Mini
10 BS Penalty laps

107. Team Barney, Subaru Legacy Wagon
10 BS Penalty laps

108. Boat Night Derelicts Racing, Honda CRX
6,658 BS Penalty laps

2,983 BS Penalty laps

110. My Car Is More Famous Than Your Car, Ford Escort
15,400 BS Penalty laps