Seeing the Confederate Flag completely out of context never ceases to amaze. I wonder what Hungarians and Slovaks think of Stonewall Jackson.

All photos by Peter Orosz, except where noted.

Toyota is quality.

The skull was on a boattail Riviera and it looked awesome.

Photo Credit: Natalie Polgar

Ask Hungarians about child health and safety!

A group of Slovaks chilling with their ‘Stang.

Hungarian DIY whitewalls.

Csúcs means awesome. The Buick was awesome. Come on—compared to a Trabi?

The one car I would have driven off with is this post-war Caddy.

Suicide door Mark III Continental.

It’s not like Hungarians don’t know what duct tape is and how it can fix your splendid 500 cubic inch Cadillac.

Brown is somehow the perfect color for this car.

Isn’t Amerika wunderbar?

Model year ‘99 Hungarian meets model year ‘91 Caprice. All is well.

This ‘Vette was driven by a very cool grandma, with her grandkid riding shotgun.

Erik contemplates a Pontiac’s rear.

We had better food later in the day.

One lucky attendee could win this wonderful 1980-something Dodge.

The place to spend time was inside the fort’s entrance, listening to lazy American V8’s chugging away.