This Honda S2000 was spotted where it definitely shouldn't be, down in a ditch filled with poison oak. Something tells us the tow truck driver's going to charge extra for this one. Tipster Colin fills in the details below.

I took this photo yesterday around 6:30 PM at Lake Merced in San Francisco. I'm not sure how, but the spikey-haired, overly-gelled owner of this S2000 managed to massively oversteer around a corner, hop not only over the sidewalk but a 4 foot wide bike path, a dirt pedestrian path and then several feet down this embankment to rest at the shore of the lake. For you non-Californians, that brush is mostly poison oak which will just add to this driver's embarrassment. There were about 8 police cars present and a tow truck driver who was literally scratching his head.

In related news, Calamine lotion reserves in the Lake Merced area are at an all-time low, residents are advised to stay indoors and avoid driving their cars into ravines. (Thanks Colin!)