You don't see many cars this old at the self-service, fast-turnover wrecking yard chains that I tend to frequent; generally the pre-1960 stuff gets snapped up at the pre-junkyard auction. Sometimes, however, an ancient car slips through the cracks.

Though this Chrysler— which may well be a '51 or '52, and I might be mistaking a Windsor for a Royal as well— has plenty of California-style upper-body rust, it appears to be structurally sound. Why isn't it wowing the crowds at Billetproof this season, with an early Hemi under that textured hood and inked-up Bettie Page lookalikes lounging all over it? Why?


Sure, the interior is completely trashed, but some random junkyard bench seats and a quick Tijuana fur-and-dingleballs upgrade would have brought it back to life.