In any healthy relationship, communication is paramount. In the ad asking you to partner with today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Supra, a picture seems worth a thousand words, but that doesn't stop the seller from adding a thousand more.

Only half of you felt confident in forming an alliance with yesterday's $2,900 Renault GTA. The other half - yes, voting went 50/50 on the little Renault - wouldn't step into that union on a bet. Seeing what happened to American Motors after they partnered with the French maker of all things impermanent, perhaps the latter was the safer bet.

Sharing the same price, but not the full toplessness nor reputation for being evanescent, is today's 1990 Toyota Supra Turbo Targa. Try saying that five times really fast. By the time the third generation of Supra debuted, its relationship with the four cylinder Celica had been fully severed as the Supra came home one day and discovered the Celica parading around the house wearing front wheel drive and fake eyelashes. That was a little too much for the big coupe and it packed up its turbos and a couple of extra cylinders and hit the road.


Usually in a split of this nature, one party either lets themselves go, or, in contrast, concentrates on exercise and personal improvement to make the pain go away. This Supra did both! Looking like it just pulled an all-nighter, this white over gray plastic Toyota-topper has a monumental 266,000 miles under its belt, although the 7M-GTE under its John Holmesian hood is claimed to have been rebuilt 70,000 of those ago. With that kind of break in, the head gasket problems these engines were known for should shouldn't be an issue here. Neither should the timing belt, water pump, tires and - hey look at that - head gasket, because the seller says they are all spankin' new. Everything under that hood looks tidy and complete, although somebody really had a jones for the purple anodized look as there's a lot of it in there. I mean, like, too much of it.

Stock, these DOHC motors pumped out 232-bhp and 254 lb-ft of torque. There's nothing to suggest this one makes any less, and the fat pipes on both the intake and exhaust - the latter leading to the ubiquitous fart can - probably won't hurt the numbers either.

Mated to the 2,954-cc six is Toyota's R154 five speed, and out back power is pushed through a limited slip rear end. The whole thing rides on a set of shorter H&R springs and what looks like a set of stock rims going through their Goth phase. The body itself doesn't appear to have any major boogers hanging off it, although the interior does have a mis-matched set of seats- leather buckets up front and mouse fur-covered in the rear. Not only do the seats look like something left over from the divorce proceedings, but the driver's headrest shows the signs of a vengeful ex.

Despite the edge of darkness pictures, you can still get a good idea of the car's apparent condition from the ad, but the best part comes at the bottom, where we find that the Supra seller is also a Craigslist spammer. Hot diggity dog. Glancing through this kind of spam is like standing next to a rambling homeless person on the street corner- you know they're crazy, and the flying spittle is kind of annoying, but after a while some of it starts to make sense. That's when it's best to just move on.

Moving on is important in both a failed relationship and in getting to the vote for this '90 Supra. In order to do so, you'll need to weigh the car's condition, specification - there is that targa, after all - and potential, against its $2,900 price. Again, that's how much you could have bought yesterday's Renault for, although not too many of you were jonesing on that one for any price.


But what say you here, does that $2,900 price tag make you think about sticking around this Supra and seeing how it works out? Or, does that price mean this relationship's over before it can even start?

You decide!

Dodgertown Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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