"That's not art, my kids could do that," is the general aesthetic describing the paint-splattered-style of Jackson Pollock paintings. Looks easy, but it takes the right ratio of color to disregard for good results. These art cars are a tribute.

Both cars are the creations of artist, musician and film maker Matt Donahue, who's got some 20 art cars to his name, of which these two are homages to Pollock's groundbreaking work before his death in 1956. The cars are both on display at Maker Faire where people are giving them odd looks and saying "That looks like one of little Timmy's paintings."


We're digging the '53 Plymouth, but can't help knock down the overwhelming urge to hit it with a sand blaster and paint it cherry red. The other car starred in a music video of sorts, really just Matt driving around while one of his instrumentals plays over. Not bad though, if you're into some rustbelt city porn: