In this crazy world of ours, it's important to have dreams. Faced with the pain of reality, a handful of Ukranian Ford fans decided to turn a Lada hatchback into a Ford Mustang. This is alternately painful and fantastic.

We know very little about this. We know that the car you see here is ugly. We know that, from the front, it kind of looks like a modern Ford Mustang. And we know that it has an interior made out of... made out of ugly.

Still, there's something about this. Me, I'm an American, which means that I'm all for dreams, no matter how self-indulgent. I like the idea that, if you cannot afford what you want, you can simply sit down and build it. Or build something like it. Or build something that is very hideous but nevertheless very satisfying. Or maybe not satisfying. Whatever.


This is a Mustang built from a Lada. This is a car that fulfilled someone's dream. Amen.

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