We sometimes toss the world "awesome" around like a beanbag at a Phish concert, but Giorgio Moroder is awesome. No argument. Nothing you can say to make it not true. As a car guy he helped pay for the Cizetta V-16T. As a composer and songwriter he influenced New Wave and helped write numerous important film scores and songs, including "Take My Breath Away" from Top Gun. He also put together a controversial (but great) version of the film Metropolis, which includes music from Pat Benatar, Adam Ant, and Freddie Mercury. Yes, that Freddie Mercury. The one the continually embarrassing Vanilla Ice ripped off. C'mon, if you're going to steal from someone make it less obvious or more entertaining a la IFTNFS.

Alright stop
At least it wasn't a Lincoln
Ice is wet and the Caddy is sinkin'
LAME-O, as far as car stunts go
You'd get a bigger flame
from a can of STERNO
Check out the trash
That's my show
How's this about a house?
I don't know
I got famous from a little bit of samplin'
Look at me now I'm a musical has-been
If I had a career yo I lost it
Check out the shark
While I take the Caddy and jump it

I feel like I've made this reference before. Maybe I'm going crazy. You do enough COTDs you're bound to loop around a few times.