The New England LeMons races definitely give us a different mix of cars, compared to the rest of the country: more Civics, more Subarus, fewer RX-7s. Speaking of Civics, would you believe Civics in three of the top ten positions?

The Honda Civic has always been a source of frustration for LeMons racers; the Civic is quick and handles well, particularly on a tight course such as the Stafford Motor Speedway track, but the reliability just hasn't been there. Mazda (8 wins), BMW (5 wins), and Toyota (5 wins) have dominated the LeMons Winner's Circle so far, but last weekend we saw Honda increase its total number of LeMons wins to four (Integra, Civic, CRX, Civic). Who knows, maybe this will be a trend! Meanwhile, the failure rate of LeMons Subarus has plummeted from about 95% to a more Toyota-esque level, and Alfas continue to do well at Stafford. And, hey, check out the uber-prestigious Germans: a BMW 740iL (62nd place) and a Porsche 928 (20th place).

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1. Rhinoceros Racing Team, Honda Civic
Winner On Laps

2. Near Orbital Space Monkeys, BMW 528e
Winner, Class Bad

3. Goin' Nuclear, Honda Civic
Winner, Class Good

4. Scuderia Testa di Spillo, Alfa Romeo Milano

5. Scuderia Limoni, Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

6. Volvo El Cowmino, Volvo 240

7. Victors of War, Volkswagen Golf

8. Monger Garage 2010, Subaru Impreza wagon

9. Wrong Way Sonny!, Mazda Miata

10. Badabing Racing, Honda Civic

11. Team Pro-Crass-Duh-Nation, Alfa Romeo Milano

12. Team Rob, His Two Loser Friends and Stupid Brother, Volkswagen Golf

13. Ducks of Hazzard, BMW 325iS

14. Scuderia Regurgito, Fiat 131S Mirafiori
Winner, Class Ugly
Winner, Grassroots Motorsports Most From The Least award

15. Team Submarine, Honda Civic

16. Meineke Muff Racers, Honda Civic

17. Ho-Lee-Schitt, Honda Civic

18. Nutjob Racing, Honda Civic wagon

19. Boxy But Good, Volvo 740

20. Gilligan's Bad Dream, Porsche 928

21. Booby Prize Racing, Nissan 200SX SE-R

22. Sabotage Race Team, Pontiac Grand Am

23. Yankee Enginuity Racing Team, Audi 5000

24. PT Losers, PT Cruiser

25. Ron Burgundy Racing, Audi Quattro

26. Adopted By Jets, SAAB 96
Winner, Organizer's Choice

27. Broken Tranny, BMW 325

28. Bill Danger and the Road Hazards, Honda Accord

29. Cap'n Slow Racing, BMW 535i

30. Rust In The Wind, Nissan 300ZX

31. Lemontarians, Honda Prelude
Winner, I Got Screwed award

32. The B69 Penetrator, Chevrolet Impala

33. Camry Full O'Babes, Toyota Camry

34. Elmo's Revenge, Saturn SL2

35. Team Saudi Audi, Audi A6 Quattro

36. Tribe IDP's Quest, BMW 325eS

37. Outatime, Subaru Impreza

38. Team Gnomentum, Honda Civic

39. Team Remmers, SAAB 900

40. Hertzwen I.P. Racing, Volkswagen Jetta

41. Pink Ladies, Mazda Miata

42. Buffalo Knuckles, Toyota Supra

43. Cranky Omish Mommas, Mazda RX-7

44. Chard Beef Racing, Buick Regal
Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank

45. Rusty Tear Racing, Pontiac Fiero

46. Dentonators, Volkswagen Golf

47. Team Trailing Throttle Oversteer, Chevrolet Corvair

48. Team Police Brutality, Ford Thunderbird
Winner, Index of Effluency

49. Team Farfrumwinnin, Volkswagen Fox

50. Pirates of Puerto Rico, Mazda Miata

51. Toyota Real Done, Toyota MR2

52. NFW, Honda Accord

53. Mid-Life Crisis Motorsports, Pontiac Firebird
Winner, Judges' Choice award

54. Crumpled Rust and Pathetic, Plymouth Laser

55. Laughing Clown, BMW 325

56. Surfin Safari Subaru Woody, Subaru Outback

57. Jungle Cat Racing, Jaguar XJ40

58. Team GPNY Adult Day Care, SAAB 900

59. Recession Racing, Nissan 300ZX

60. E=MR2 Racing, Toyota MR2

61. Team Paisley, Subaru Impreza

62. BUMW Factory Team, BMW 740iL

63. Team Angry, Buick Regal

64. Limp1 Firebird, Pontiac Firebird

65. Holton St Eurotrash, Porsche 924

66. Team Rabido, Volkswagen Rabbit

67. Bucket List Racing, Chevrolet Camaro

68. Muff Divers, Chevrolet S10

69. Murph and the Magictones, Chevrolet Camaro

70. Sons of Sparta, Subaru Legacy

71. Bondo, James Bondo, Triumph TR7

72. Race To Failure, SAAB 99

73. Overengineer'd Racing, BMW 325i

74. Team Polizei, BMW 325

75. Naked Guy Racing, Nissan 200SX

76. Bucket List Racing 2, Ford Mustang

77. Family Auto Racing Team (FART), Honda Civic