In Europe, one man has designed two buildings. One of them is a house, the other is a restaurant and bar. Both of those buildings look like Volkswagen Beetles. This strike anyone else as a bit weird?

The top shot is the restaurant; you can see the house below. As the old saying goes, you can live in your car, but you can't drive your house. Or maybe you can — kind of. Maybe more houses need to be shaped like cars, just so we never have to stop thinking about (Corn alert! Corn alert! Corn alert!) the endless human road trip and the ribbon of highway we call life.

Or maybe this is still a little weird. The man is architect Markus Voglreiter. The house, which is in a cozy suburban neighborhood near Salzburg, Austria, was completed in 2003. It features car-dork details like suspension-themed interior columns, exterior "tires," and headlight-shaped windows.

The restaurant, dubbed The Car, was completed in 2007 and is located north of Salzburg. It reportedly cost €1.6 million to build — proof, as it were, that no good idea goes unrewarded escapes being beaten into the ground.

[Stadtbaumeister/TheCar.At via CarScoop]