The racing version of Jim Glickenhaus's Ferrari P4/5 is currently under construction. The car, built from an F430 Scuderia and an F430 GT2 racing car, is set to compete in the 24 Hours of the N├╝rburgring. Exclusive pictures below.

Glickenhaus's car, dubbed the Competizione, is being constructed on the chassis of a brand-new F430 Scuderia. It will incorporate the suspension and drivetrain of the F430 GT2 car seen here and wear a modified version of the body found on the original P4/5. Glickenhaus sent us these images this afternoon; we're not quite sure what they depict, but if we had to guess, we'd say something related to measurements and expensive labor.

Oh, one more thing: Wondering why a car bound for the racetrack is being built from a street machine and a purpose-built racer, instead of just the racer? It's because, once the car is finished, Glickenhaus wants to make the whole shebang street-legal. Which is a hundred kinds of excellent.


Side note: When was the last time you saw a doorless F430 Scuderia hung from the ceiling? Also, bare-assed flat-crank V-8 with enormous airbox: So good.