Know what's great about fabricating your own ride? Being able to knowingly make something stupid. Case in point: Slim's Wheelie Van, a chopped 1964 Chevy G10 van with big-block Mopar power behind the rear axle. Yes, it does wheelies.

Let's see what we have here. It's a G10 van chopped down to a respectable hot-rod height, a Mopar V8 of unmentioned displacement mounted backwards behind the rear axle. The drive shaft's hooked up to a Casale V-drive, more commonly used in marine applications, which re-directs power 180 degrees back into the rear axle, which has been upgraded with a four-link suspension. The result? Wheelies on demand — like this:

Yes, it's stupid, yes, it's dangerous, but just look at that, it's what you call fun, and a lot of it. The work was done at Slim's Fabrication in Redlands, California by Slim (who else?), and the van was recently sold to another like-minded maniac. It's refreshing to know that even in the People's Republic of California, where the state hates cars more than it hates balancing its budget, geniuses like Slim can still get away with these kinds of hijinks. [Slims Fab via TCL]

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