"Don't compete with your contemporaries, crush them." seems to be the operating principle at Switzer Performance which has unofficially debuted its 1000 HP Nissan GT-R R1K package. Without a doubt, this kit is aimed squarely at the Bugatti Veyron.

Ohio's overall boringness makes people do crazy things, sometimes it results in people building meth labs in their basements, others turn sports cars into terror machines. Tym Switzer does the latter, and after rocking our world with the 800 hp Switzer P800 Nissan GT-R, now he's upped the ante by another 200 HP. The R1K package boasts a 1000 hp output from the Nissan GT-R's 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 and plans to finally shut those Veyron-driving Ruskies up. That's a staggering 238 hp per liter in case you were wondering.

Here's a partial list of all the goodies included in the package:

Switzer R1K 1000 hp Race Gas Package for the R35 GT-R Nissan

- Switzer Reinforced engine internal package
- Switzer Custom camshafts
- Switzer Spec. 3 transmission by Sheptrans w/Dodson components
- Switzer Fuel injector kit
- Switzer Monster intercooler package
- Switzer Turbos and manifold package
- Switzer High-pressure waste gates w/SS downpipes
- Switzer MAF / Intake and filter assembly
- Switzer Stand-alone engine management
- Switzer Additional cooling package
- Lightweight titanium exhaust system

Total package price: $59,990 USD

Now, almost sixty large sounds like quite a lot for any tuner build, but keep in mind it makes 1000 horsepower and does it with driveline components that won't twist into a pretzel at the first throttle blip. Need more convincing, how about a dynamometer run that would set Carlos Ghosn's hair on fire:

Yes, yes, and yes. So what if it requres race gas to get that 1000 hp figure (thus the R nomenclature), that just makes the exhaust fumes smell that much sweeter as you make the jump to warp speed. Tym and his team might be single-handedly making the parts of Ohio that aren't amusement parks worth visiting again. [NAGTROC and Switzer blog]