Automakers like messing with a good thing more than they like private jets, so with your help, we've assembled a list of ten famous car names we don't want to see bastardized.

This is Answers of the Day — a feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

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Photo Credit: Jasonhebard

10. Acura NSX

Suggested By: The Slurpee Man

Why It Should Be Left Alone: The original NSX was a thing of beauty. Acura's everyday supercar was easy to live with, easy to commute in, and easy to hoon around a track on the weekends. And we know the company has another one kicking around in the guise of the HSV-010 GT which, by all accounts, is awesome. So as long as the HSV eventually becomes the NSX, we're set. Let's just hope it doesn't fall prey to CR-Z-itis.

Photo credit: Serious Wheels

9. Citroen 2CV

Suggested By: Vavon

Why It Should Be Left Alone: The 2CV was the epitome of no-frills, low-cost motoring. Designed to get the French off their horses and behind the wheel, it was a simple, charming machine. If the 2CV were revived, it would undoubtedly be bogged down by crash protection, complex electronics, big wheels and tires, and all sorts of other unnecessary things. Its soul would likely be absent.

Photo credit: f1rstborn, flickr

8. Ford Bronco

Suggested By: Muscles Marinara

Why It Should Be Left Alone: Ford's original off-roader really ought to lie low for another decade or two. If it does come back, it had better have the capabilities to back up its big name. Soft-roaders need not apply. If it's not hopping over crests, exploring forests, and doing other trucklike things, I don't want to know about it.

Photo credit: Ham Hock, flickr

7. Excalibur

Suggested By: Alfisted

Why It Should Be Left Alone: Alfisted hit the nail on the head: "The name should never be used for anything less ostentatious than befits a retired proctologist from Miami Beach."

6. Ford Escort RS2000

Suggested By: Optitruf

Why It Should Be Left Alone: While it doesn't seem like there's a snowball's chance in hell of Ford bringing back the Escort name, we have to be ever wary of improper use of the RS2000 moniker. While the current Focus RS is a magical beast, the dangers of the nameplate falling into the wrong hands (back away from the marketing people, Fusion) are real. How excited — and then immediately disappointed — would you be if you found out that Ford was bringing an RS stateside, only to realize that it was just a Fusion with some stickers and a wing? The answer is very.

Photo credit: exfordy

5. Lotus Esprit

Suggested By: Clank-O-Tron

Why It Should Be Left Alone: If the original was good enough for James Bond (and one supercar that lasted from 1976 to 2004) then it was clearly something special. We know there's another Esprit coming down the pike, but we don't yet know what it will be called.

If it's going to wear the Esprit badge, it had better be one awesome new Lotus. The news a few months back of Lotus's plans to move upmarket and take on Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz was worrying. Stay away from complexity, Lotus! It's just going to short out the electrics!

Photo credit: 98octane, flickr

4. Mazda RX-7

Suggested By: British_Looks_British_Reliability

Why It Should Be Left Alone: As with the Esprit, we know there's a new sports car on the way from Mazda. We're just hoping that it's smaller, lighter, and more back-to-basics than its predecessor, the RX-8. Not that we don't like the RX-8 — we do, a great deal! But if Mazda is going to go down a number in naming the new car, it's only fitting that the new offering is smaller, right?

3. Mazda MX-5/Miata

Suggested By: geistkoenig

Why It Should Be Left Alone: Though it's packed on more than a few additional pounds during its life, the Miata has managed to stay remarkably true to its original mission. Its two seats, nimble chassis, and convertible roof have remained intact for more than twenty years. Here's to another double-decade of Super Fantastic Happy Drive!

2. Dodge Viper

Suggested By: Ajanu

Why It Should Be Left Alone: If we eventually find ourselves in a world where Fiat decides to revive the Viper with anything other than a fire-breathing V10 and anything more than a right foot for traction control, then that's not a world I want to be a part of.

1. Lamborghini Miura

Suggested By: arozzi

Why It Should Be Left Alone: In 2006, there were rumors — and even a concept car produced — of a "new look" Miura. Thankfully, Lamborghini nipped that one in the bud, claiming that "retro design is not what we are here for." And that's good, because while the concept looked good, there's no way anything could live up to the jaw-dropping beauty of the original. There's just no point in trying.

Photo credit: Ausmotive