You never know what's going to happen at a 24 Hours of LeMons race. Two Mitsubishi products in the top ten of the standings? Amazing! We also saw the oldest car in LeMons history: a 1956 Renault 4CV.

When the dust settled at High Plains Raceway, somewhere between Denver and the Kansas line, it turned out that the winning Ghetto Motorsports RX-7 had increased Mazda's total number of LeMons titles to eight, three ahead of tied-for-second-place BMW and Toyota.

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Thanks to Nick Pon for photographic help.
Disclosure: Murilee Martin gets crazy baksheesh for his work on the 24 Hours of LeMons Supreme Court

1. Ghetto Motorsports, Mazda RX-7
Winner On Laps

2. DumBoyz Investments (& Racing), BMW 325e
Winner, Class Good
Photo by Nick Pon

3. Eyesore Racing, Mazda Miata
Quickest Lap Of Race (2:17.005)

4. Owdee, Audi 90
Winner, Class Bad
Photo by Nick Pon

5. Racing For Cancer Awareness, Toyota MR2

6. Project Yellow Racing: FART Car, Honda CRX

7. Jetti Knight, Volkswagen Jetta
Photo by Nick Pon

8. U-Boat, Dodge Stealth

9. Barnyard Pedal Pushers, Nissan 300ZX

10. TEAM SPIDEY, Mitsubishi Eclipse

11. Mad Cow Racing, Nissan Altima

12. Burt's Bandits, Toyota Celica

13. Kelly's Gyros, Datsun 280ZX

14. Ka-Chow Racing, Ford Probe
Photo by Nick Pon

15. Clueless Cowards II, Toyota Supra

16. Lederhosen of Fire, Honda Civic

17. 4-Ring Circus, BMW 535i
Photo by Nick Pon

18. Red or Green, Mitsubishi Eclipse

19. Revolutionary Racing, BMW E36

20. White Trash Barbie Racing, Ford Crown Victoria
Co-Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank Award

21. White Trash Ken Racing, Ford Crown Victoria
Co-Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank Award

22. Plan B Racing, Mazda 626

23. Oktoberpests, Porsche 944
Photo by Nick Pon

24. Clueless Cowards I, Toyota Supra

25. Jolly Raunchers, Volkswagen Jetta
Winner, Judges' Choice Award

26. Little Buckaroo, Volkswagen Beetle
Winner, Class Ugly

27. Volatile RAM, Toyota MR2

28. Team Marvin Martian Saab, Saab 9000 Turbo

29. FIREKATz, Pontiac Firebird
Winner, I Got Screwed award

30. Flying Brick Demolition Racing, BMW 325e
Photo by Nick Pon

31. Mexican Martini Racing, Honda CRX

32. Ain't Your Momma's Grocery Getter, Audi 200 Wagon

33. Colorado Cone Killers, BMW 533i
Photo by Nick Pon

34. Home Skooled Racing Academy, Plymouth Sapporo
Photo by Nick Pon

35. Mustache Ride, Volvo 245

36. The Road Crew, Chevrolet C10
Photo by Nick Pon

37. Jerk Chicken, Toyota Supra
Photo by Nick Pon

38. Speed Holes Racing, Rambler Marlin
Winner, Organizer's Choice

39. IGOTTAP, Honda Prelude

40. MR2D2, Toyota MR2

41. WD 40, Nissan 240SX

42. Rocket Surgery Racing, Renault 4CV
Winner, Index Of Effluency
Photo by Nick Pon

43. Christmas In July, Honda Civic
Winner, Heroic Fix award
Photo by Nick Pon

44. Strange Racing, Datsun 510
Photo by Nick Pon

45. Leon The Craptacular Neon, Dodge Neon
Photo by Nick Pon

46. All Snoopies Must Die, Porsche 944
Photo by Nick Pon

47. Cracker Boys Racing, Jeep Cherokee

48. Martooni Racing, Porsche 924
Photo by Nick Pon

49. Flying Hoondie, Merkur XR4Ti

50. Die Alten Merkuren, Merkur XR4Ti
Photo by Nick Pon

51. Bad Dog, Mazda Miata

52. Project Yellow Racing: Bandits

53. High Altitude Racing, Honda Civic

54. Boso GP, Honda Civic