A rumor started by movie geeks at Total Film has everyone believing today's when Doc and Marty from Back To The Future show up in a DeLorean. It's not. In fact, it's a hoax. Here's what happened.

The people running Total Film's Twitter erroneously Tweeted yesterday that Monday was the day Marty and Doc travel to the future. They tried to correct this by posting a photoshop showing the day as July 5th and someone else made a photoshop claiming it was July 6th.


Both were hoaxes, but they spread across the web faster than the site's retraction.

This screencap from this video proves the lead characters from Back To The Future don't show up today. Marty attempts to escape Libyan terrorists and accidentally hits 88 mph, thus sending him to November 5, 1955.


But do you really need video proof? They go far into the future in Back To The Future: Part II, not the original. And the date for the future world is October 21, 2015. So we'll see you all in five years and four months. [Total Film]