We don't condone intentional vehicular damage, but it's easy to construct a hypothetical situation where you'd need to mess with a person's vehicle (stopping a Russian spy, for example). How would you screw up someone's car?

Because we can't usually bring ourselves to intentionally damage a perfectly good automobile, we're thinking something that is obnoxious, tortuous, but also reversible. An example? Wire things up so that the horn of the vehicle in question blares every time the driver steps on the brakes. (Remember, he has it coming.) You could simply tap a horn lead into the brake-light circuit, but a particularly evil Jalopnik staff member (*cough*Wojdyla*cough*) suggested hiding a separate, electrically triggered air horn somewhere inside or outside of the car. It's safer, as well. Not that you should do that.

If you had to, how would you mess with someone's ride?

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