The "Washington DC" 24 Hours of LeMons race (held at Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia) took place a couple of weeks back, and it was one of the all-time best!

First of all, a huge German luxury car took the overall win, then a Subaru-engined East German car won the Index of Effluency, we had our first-ever supercharged GM 3800 and the first-ever BMW V12-powered Ford Thunderbird... and after that we enjoyed a machine-gun-versus-Chrysler-Sebring Second Amendment Extravaganza. Gotta love West Virginia's lax full-automatic-weapons policies (and the cheapness of used Sebrings).

Next weekend, get ready for the B.F.E. Grand Prix in Colorado; I was AWOL at the last couple races— something about getting married— but the LeMons Supreme Court will be in full arbitrary-justice effect at High Plains Raceway.

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Photographs by Nick Pon, Team Big Red, and FinalGear.
Disclosure: Murilee Martin gets crazy baksheesh for his work on the 24 Hours of LeMons Supreme Court

1. Sgt Schultz Zwei, Mercedes-Benz S500
Winner on laps

2. Duct Tape Motorsports, BMW 318iS
Winner, Class Good

3. Tiger's First PGA (Probably Gettin' Arse) Racing, Mercury Cougar XR7
Winner, Class Bad
Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank

4. Team Paisley, Subaru Impreza

5. Mod Squad Racing, Toyota MR2

6. Team Pro-Crash-Duh-Nation, Alfa Romeo Milano

7. Near-Orbital Space Monkeys, BMW 528e

8. The Volvo ElCowMino, Volvo 240
Winner, Grassroots Motorsports Most From The Least award

9. Government Motors Racing, Mazda 626

10. Deconstruction, BMW 318

11. Dai Mondai II, Toyota Corolla

12. Booby Prize Racing, Nissan 200SX

13. FASTish & The FURRiest, Volvo 240

14. Keystone Kops, Volvo 240

15. The B Team, Ford Escort LX

16. Nemesis Ridiculi, Nissan 240SX

17. Track Pillagerz!, Buick Le Sabre

18. Cow Patch Kidz, Audi 80

19. World Class Motorsports Livers, Geo Storm

20. The Bridesmaids, BMW 535i
Winner, Big Tool award

21. Ricky Bobby/Laughing Clown Malt Liquor, Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

22. Greenhouse Gassholes, BMW 325e

23. Rusty Bolt Racing, Porsche 944

24. Track Daze of Thunder, Volkswagen GTI

25. Fissure Brothers Racing, Toyota Celica

26. No Whammies, Honda CRX

27. Ghetto Motorsports, Eastern Chapter, Chevrolet Malibu

28. Team Cardorks, Acura Integra

29. Shallow Pockets Racing, Volkswagen Golf

30. Team Margaritaville, BMW 325

31. Schumacher Taxi Service - Revenge of the CoROLLa, Toyota Corolla FX-16

32. Big Red, Geo Metro Convertible
Winner, Class Ugly

33. Elmo's Revenge, Saturn SL2

34. Gasholes, Ford Mustang

35. Obamacare, BMW 325iS

36. MTV's Jersey Shore Racing Team, Dodge Daytona ES

37. Sinical Racing, BMW 325i

38. Team 44 Cup, Porsche 944

39. FML Motorsports, Ford Mustang

40. Overengineer'd Racing, BMW 325i

41. Morrows Auto & Woodstock's NAStiCAR Quest For the Holy Nickelbag, Pontiac Grand Prix
Winner, Best Carbureted

42. DIRTy e-Thirties, BMW 325e

43. Final Gear: Bootleggin' It, Pontiac Grand Prix

44. Days Of Plunder, Saturn SC2

45. Metro-Dade Vice Squad, Mazda RX-7

46. We Are Fubar, Pontiac Grand Prix

47. The Nerd Herd, Infiniti J30

48. Please Start! Racing, Plymouth Acclaim

49. Nutjob Racing, Honda Civic Wagovan

50. Huntin' Tewwowist Wabbits, Mitsubishi Eclipse

51. Maryland Scratchers, BMW 535i

52. Team Chickin Lickin, BMW 325

53. BuckSnort Racing, BMW E30

54. Funky Kong, Fiat X1/9

55. Misfit Toys Racing, Wartburg 311
Winner, Index of Effluency award

56. Dorks of Hazard, Dodge Charger

57. Mannschaft Panzers, Audi 4000 Quattro

58. Dai Mondai I, Toyota MR2

59. GoGodyne Racing, Nissan 300ZX

60. DOS Boot Racing, Volkswagen GTI

61. The Meat Wagon, Honda Civic

62. Team Police Brutality, Lincoln Mark VIII
Quickest lap time of race (1:55.113)

63. Team Cosworthless, Ford Escort

64. Schumacher Taxi Service: GI Slow, Toyota MR2

65. Scuderia Fluffball, Fiat 128
Winner, Organizer's Choice award

66. The Lemon Juicers, Ford Mustang LX

67. Team Self-Tapping Screws, Chevrolet Camaro

68. Top Fool Elemonator, Subaru Impreza

69. DeCuzzi Racing Tele tubby formerly Speed Racer Style, Pontiac Fiero

70. Morrows Auto & Snoopy's Quest For the Holy Nickelbag, GMC 1-ton Van

71. Trophy Wife Racing, Toyota MR2

72. Oil Pains, Pontiac Grand Am

73. ReVolvolution Racing, Volvo 850 Wagon

74. Adopted By Jets, Saab 99

75. Team Nein24, Porsche 924
Winner, Judges' Choice award

76. BoneYard Racing, Dodge Neon

77. The E-Lemon-ators, Mercury Cougar
Winner, Heroic Fix Award

78. Pimpalicious, Cadillac Seville SLS

79. Baghdad Taxi, Honda CRX

80. Scuderia Limoni, Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

81. Champions On Fire, Nissan 240SX

82. Stugots Racing, Ford Thunderbird

83. F.A.C.E. Racing, Pontiac Fiero

84. Team Police Brutality - Beating Up Breast Cancer, Ford Thunderbird