Back around 1990, when I was a broke-ass slacker and figured out how to make beer for cheap, I got into making custom photocopier-and-glue-stick custom beer labels. You've seen Powerglide Road Soda, and now I've unearthed another old label.

Since I was living with a bunch of filthy, stinking hippies at the time, it made sense to serve Filthy Stinking Hippie (With Dirty Infected Feet) Beer. Back then, Deadheads could still afford beater VW Transporters (instead of the Tercels they drove later), so the Type 2 VW worked very well as a Stinking Hippie icon. It appears that I used the Transporter line drawing from the JC Whitney catalog for my ransom-note-style cut-and-paste layout here.

Peace signs, planets, and the VW logo!

A lot of people don't realize why Filthy, Stinking Hippies (with Dirty Infected Feet) loved VW Transporters so much. Here's why: there's no engine that's better at running like shit than an air-cooled Volkswagen! The valves can be 80,000 miles out of adjustment, the fuel filter can be damn near completely clogged, and the rings can be totally shot... and it will still run. Even on one cylinder, it will run. That means that your short-, medium-, and long-term memory can be totally washed away by a Delysid tide and it won't matter that you spaced on all maintenance for, oh, nine years.