Dodge tried to stoke American patriotism by showing George Washington in a Dodge Challenger charging the British. It's an interesting concept, but what would the British come in?

The British are coming! The British are coming! And they're driving... TVR Cerbera Speed 12s! While we're sure the regular British infantry is coming in Austin Allegros, those haughty and privileged gentleman generals are going to charge the fields in something obnoxiously expensive and powerful. Washington may play the everyman in his Dodge Challenger, but Sir William Howe wants speed, dammit. The TVR Cerbera looks like the devil's hunting dog and sounds like it carries the might of the great British Empire with an 800-hp 7.7-liter V12. It's got all the power it needs to crush the rebels until... wait... what's this? We overdid it and now things are broken and we're screwed? How British.

What's a Redcoat to do?

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