The Pagani Zonda R just set a new Nürburgring record, clocking a 6:47 run around the 13-mile track. Awesome, but it's nothing new. What would you have to drive to lap slower than 20 minutes at the 'Ring?

The ten-minute mark is generally considered the line between a fast car and a slow one. Assuming you're not sandbagging and actually trying to go quickly, what car would be incapable of lapping the Nordschliefe faster than 20 minutes? We think an appropriate choice is an air-cooled, rear-engined classic German car. And by that we mean a Volkswagen Beetle with one plug wire missing. It's the people's car... assuming those people aren't in any hurry. 0-to-60 mph? 38 seconds! Top speed? 70 mph! Twenty minutes? Heck, you'd be lucky to hit 25. At least you'd look awesome.

How slow can you go?

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