Golfers in Sarasota County, Florida spotted a Jeep Commander speeding along with cop cars in hot pursuit Sunday on the local golf course. No, it was not a scene from Caddy Shack III, it was 55-year-old Issa Alyan evading police.

Alyan had been on the lam since the previous evening when police pulled him over and he rammed a cruiser, escaping on a warrant for domestic violence. When Alyan returned home the next day the cops were waiting and the chase was on. Alyan led police on a 20 minute chase which ended at Heritage Oaks golf course after the man had bashed through the gates, gone on a tour of the links in his Jeep and was finally forced to a stop in some bushes. Police struggled with the man and arrested him. Golf course officials were outraged at the dangerous drive, especially since Issa never once called "FORE!"