Class in America is better defined by someone's actions and tastes than their wealth. Your daddy may have money, but if you've airbrushed a curvy woman on your Bentley, you ain't classy. What's the least classy vehicle you can drive?

It's one of those great automotive ironies that the Zimmer Motor Company was designed to create the kinds of classic American and European vehicles used by the upper classes. Unfortunately, the Mustang/Town Car-based neo-classical automobiles scream "tasteless dude in a Member's Only jacket snorting bad cocaine." This isn't to say the cars aren't interesting or even cool, in their own way, but it's impossible to drive one and be classy. It's the opposite of classy. And the worst is the the Zimmer Quicksilver, which combined the Trailer Park sportiness of the Pontiac Fiero with a random mix of "only classy in the 1980s" styling cues.

It's the kind of car owned by a guy who might yell out "Anyone up for going to a titty bar?" in the middle of wake. But is it the least classy vehicle? Pull out your "Bikini Inspector" hats and go to work sleuthing the least classy vehicle.

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