Having just visited the secret warehouse in which Dave Coleman (of Ghettocharged Miata fame), Alex (of CBR1000-powered Geo Metro fame), and Tim (of Magna V65-powered Honda Z600 fame) are dropping a Hayabusa engine into a Miata, today's question is obvious.

Sure, a super-lightweight Miata with close to 200 screamin' motorcycle horsepower (or much, much more than that, were these madmen to use some of that extra space under the hood for forced-induction hardware) and a Miata transmission makes a lot of sense. The problem is that it makes too much sense. There was talk of a Skodabusa, a BMW 2002abusa, a Triumph GT6abusa, a Renault Le Carabusa (mid-engined, of course), a Subaru 360abusa... Rapierabusa... Kadettabusa... Minxabusa... Crosleybusa... and so much more. What kind of car— street or race— do you think most deserves this engine swap? Explain. Bonus points if nobody's ever done the swap before!