In the 19th century, European invaders pushed the Comanche people out of their home on the Great Plains and onto reservations. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a Jeep Comanche from Toledo, but will its price give you reservations?

The Comanche were once part of the Shoshone people, but split off as a unique society around the end of the 17th century. One of the key forces in the development of the Comanche culture was the taming of horses for use as primary mechanisms of hunting and transportation. This 1990 Jeep Comanche also has horses as its primary motivation, only these ponies come from a Chevy 350.

It's not really politically correct anymore to denigrate a people by objectifying their name as a brand, but Jeep called their pickup the Comanche, and so there's not much we can do about it today. The Comache pickup was unique among mid-size trucks in that it was based on a uni-body SUV, and had a subframe that supported the box rather than the full-length ladder that its competitors employed. Despite that, it seemed as rough and sturdy as its Trail-Rated brethren.


That being said, it's unlikely you'd want to take this refrigerator white with a bulgy black hood Jeep off-roading, as it's only two-wheel drive, and it's better acclimated to lining up next to drag-strip Christmas Trees than bouncing among the Rubicon's evergreens. The reason for that is because instead of the anemic 2.5-litre four, or even the legendarily-reliable AMC straight six, this Jeep has a ubiquitous SBC under its boxy fiberglass hood. Not only that, but it's a built 350 sporting a Crane cam, 750-cfm carb, Weiland intake, and headers on its list of go-fast pieces. Bolted to the orange you glad I didn't say banana 350 is a TH350 autobox, and the power is doled out in the back via an LSD-equipped Ford 9".

The seller doesn't provide horsepower ratings for that SBC, either crank or rear wheel, but you can bet that it's enough, in conjunction with a lightly loaded bed to make the rear tires' favorite song Dope's You Spin My Right Round. Those smokers are a pair of BFGs, and there's some more up front. The seller claims their all new, as are the brakes, shocks and the glass sunroof.

That sunroof illuminates where normally the sun don't shine, including the stock Jeep split bench, wart-like B&M shifter, and aftermarket steering wheel that's the color of a randy dog's peen. I'd suggest investing in a set of driving gloves. Also illuminated is the driver's footwell where, despite the automatic, a full set of pedals reside. That means those of you allergic to slushers could easily replace the Turbohydrocolonic with T5 or other I'd rather do it myself box.

If you don't mind the auto, you could drive the truck as-is because it looks pretty sweet and doesn't appear to need anything to start spinning its tires under your tutelage. It would require that you lighten your wallet to the tune of $3,900, and we've now come to the point in the show were you give voice to your opinion as to whether that's a dealio or not.


So what do you think, is $3,900 for this Comanche a good enough price that you wouldn't feel like you were getting buffaloed? Or, does that put this truck on the trail of tears?

You decide!

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