Here's one that you danged furriners can sit out: How many of the United States have you experienced from within a motor vehicle?

This topic comes up a lot during my travels with the 24 Hours of LeMons HQ team, as our elite staff of foul-mouthed carnies intrepid race managers roams from racetrack to racetrack in the finest Calibers, HHRs, and Camrys that low-end rental-car companies have to offer. Every one of us has our personal list of visited states; to avoid gray-area airline stopovers and the like, we stipulate that a state only counts if experienced from a road vehicle. When we have a chance to drive, say, an extra 30 miles to pass through a state that one of us lacks on his or her list, we do so. I've got 8 states to go— mostly in New England but also including Oregon and North Dakota— before I get the whole set (nobody has ever visited North Dakota, as far as I can tell). How many of the fifty have you got?