This is Sylvina Beagley. She made headlines today after stealing two cars while naked and leading cops on one of the wildest police chases ever. She's also a devout Mormon, a PTA president, and thinks bipolar disorder is bunk.

Slyivna Beagley's nude adventure around West Valley, Utah started when she stole a car from a man putting up roadside signs. He gave chase. Beagley was eventually spotted by police, but she was too bloody and sweaty to be apprehended before she stole a cop car, which she then crashed.


According to Beagley's Facebook page, the 31-year-old is married, a mother, and a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints. She has a degree in art history from the University of Utah and is president of the Daybreak Elementary School PTA. It appears that she has been unemployed since working for a theater-service company in 2008, and that she serves only as a volunteer for the school.

Beagley also has a blog where she talks disparingingly about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder:

In my opinion, bipolar disorder is the scapegoat illness. Anytime (sic) someone acts out in an inappropriate venue, they get to be diagnosed with some form of mental illness. This can keep them from going to prison (even though being on medications to keep them "stable" for the rest of their life can be considered its own type of prison).

Given her recent outburst, we're curious as to whether or not she's changed her tune on that one. To her credit, she's going to plead guilty to "disturbing the peace," which seems like an understated description of what happened. As pointed out by DennyCraneDennyCrane, this status is from 12 days ago, meaning she's been arrested recently for another crime and this is merely the end of a spree.