They said— hell, I said— that a big, fat, complicated-ass Mercedes-Benz could never, ever take the overall win in a 24 Hours of LeMons race. Guess what?

That's right, the Sgt Schultz Zwei Mercedes-Benz S500 somehow managed to avoid breaking one of its 25,000 critical components and was able to maneuver its vast bulk among the other cars without incurring any black-flag-inducing contact and/or careening off into the woods. How? Why? Nobody can say, but we're hoping that more LeMons teams decide to ditch their RX-7s and E30s and switch to W140s and W126s. We're sure that Daimler AG execs the world over are pouring themselves some congratulatory schnapps right about now, and rightfully so; this is the first time a Mercedes of any sort has taken an overall LeMons win, after 31 races. Congratulations, Team Sgt Schultz Zwei!

Disclosure: Murilee Martin gets paid crazy baksheesh for his work on the LeMons Supreme Court.