I've always been a bit puzzled by the utter loathing so many car freaks harbor for the very idea of the minivan. Sure, they lack even a vestige of cool (unless they run 12s), but they do their job well.

Like all of us, I hate being stuck behind the damn things on a twisty mountain road or cramped urban grid, but the same mental and/or moral failings that induce a minivan driver to do 44 MPH in the fast lane— to "keep the babies safe!— would have the same effect in an Explorer or Legend. Minivans are just boxes on wheels, made to accomplish a fairly boring task in an efficient manner.

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That said, I'm grateful that I grew up before the Modern Minivan Era (yeah, VW Transporter fanatics, we know the Type 2 was 30 years before its time, et freakin' cetera). My parents drove a real van. Perhaps this gives me the emotional distance needed to ask the question: Why hate the minivan?
Image source: Old Car Brochures