You saw a few shots of the Subaru-powered '58 Wartburg earlier, and you've probably followed the story of its low-buck/high-sweat build. Now you can buy an official Misfit Toys Racing Rat Fink-esque T-shirt!

I know, Dad won't actually have the shirt until well after Father's Day— because I spaced on doing this post until now— but he'll be sure to understand, once he sees how sharp he looks with that stoned-and-drunk bear doing a Warsaw Pact Wheelie emblazoned across his chest.

We can't say how well the Wartburg will do in the race; in theory, it should dominate, but we've learned that reality has a way of handing overall LeMons wins to more boring race cars. Who cares? This is one of the greatest Hell Projects in the history of the automobile!
[Misfit Toys Racing]