I'm still on vacation from my judgely duties at the 24 Hours of LeMons, but LeMons Perp Nick Pon was able to capture some of the inspections at the Capitol Offense race for us.

LeMons has traveled to Washington DC (actually, Summit Point Raceway in nearby West Virginia) for the first time, and it looks like some old friends have made the trip. Here's the Nelsen Ledges veteran Adopted By Jets Saab, with what appears to be an engine upgrade.

Of course, the most heavily anticipated entry is the Misfit Toys Racing '58 Wartburg, now boasting Subaru boxer power, a Volkswagen transaxle, and Porsche 944 brakes. You may recall that Misfit Toys won the 'Why I Want To Race a Wartburg' essay contest last year, and look what they've done!

We'll get an obsessively detailed feature about this fine vehicle, which is now on the second leg of its "trifecta of crap" odyssey (BABE Rally, 24 Hours of LeMons, Grassroots Motorsports $2010 Challenge) later on; for now, just admire the insanity. Oh yes, it's racing tomorrow!

Because Mr. Pon was forced to don the robes of the LeMons Supreme Court and sub for yours truly while I bum around scenic southwestern Colorado with my new bride, he wasn't able to get any photos of the only car that has a shot at out-crazying the Wartburg: the Police Brutality '63 Thunderbird, which now features BMW V12 power! In true Team Police Brutality tradition, the car showed up to the track about halfway ready to race, with a Holley 600 perched on a JB Weld-and-ammo-can "intake manifold" in place of the original throttle body and a pair of random junkyard six-banger distributors rigged up to provide some semblance of ignition. At last report, the engine was running, but the transmission computer was screaming "NEIN!" due to lack of communication with the long-departed engine computers. We're sure they'll sort everything out by the morning— how hard could it be?