A 26-year-old student observing a Hell's Angels rally in Germany dropped his pants, then threw a puppy at the bikers. He then attempted to escape to Munich on a stolen bulldozer. His plan didn't work.

According to local news, an unidentified student dropped trou before throwing a puppy — to reiterate, he threw a puppy — at a gang of Hell's Angels, then tried to escape the ensuing scuffle by running away and stealing a bulldozer from a construction site, driving off toward Munich. Because he chose a bulldozer to escape in, his getaway wasn't exactly fast, and it caused a three-mile backup. When the puppy-thrower determined he'd made a bad choice, he hopped off and fled to his home on foot, where police apprehended him.

There is no word on the reason for the thrown puppy (which is now safely in a local animal shelter), the charges laid upon the young man, or how much high-octane bier our un-hero consumed ahead of the incident. If you're thinking this doesn't make any sense, that's because it doesn't. The story reads like a particularly ridiculous Hunter S. Thompson bender; all it needs is more guns. (Hat tip to Skycog!)