Nothing with a light bar on its roof looks good when it's in your rearview mirror. But absent an impending ticket, it's not hard to appreciate these ten commenter-chosen cop cars for their great paint jobs.

This is "Answers of the Day" - a feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's "Question of the Day" and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

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Photo Credit: Mrs. Idaho America Pageant

10.) Dutch Porsche 911 Targa

Suggested By: Bluecold

Why It's Great Looking: I was unaware that anything would have "struck fear in the heart of everyone on the Dutch motorways." Apparently, I was mistaken. Seeing a bright red & blue 911 appear in your rearview mirror would be plenty scary. The Korps :andelijke Politiediensten (National Police Force) has an affinity for the 911 for several reasons, including its ability to be driven in reverse down long stretches of highway (thanks to its rear-engine layout) and the targa top, which makes it easy for a passenger police officer to stand up and direct traffic from inside the car.

Photo credit: Police Vehicles

9.) New York State Highway Patrol Camaro

Suggested By: VMA1T

Why It's Great Looking: I can speak with some authority on this one: these cars are scary. I've spent many a trip along New York's upstate highways on tiptoes hoping that an evil looking, radar-shooting Camaro wasn't behind the next outcropping of trees. I'd imagine that a dark blue Camaro, light bar a'blazing, would be a sickening sight.

Photo credit: Camaro Police Cars

8.) Italian Polizia di Stato Gallardo

Suggested By: smackela

Why It's Great Looking: Similar to the Camaro, but in a slightly less terrifying color, the sight of a Gallardo with a light bar on the roof both amuses and terrifies. It's totally outrageous to see, but only as long as it doesn't show up behind you with a disgruntled officer of the law at the helm. The baby blue is deceivingly easygoing. I'm sure that there would be no leniency if the Polizia di Stato had to pull this thing out of the garage to get you.

Photo credit:

7.) California Highway Patrol Ford Mustang SSP

Suggested By: Demon-Xanth

Why It's Great Looking: Immortalized in thousands of Hot Wheels cars (I know I had one), the black and white livery of the California Highway Patrol Fox bodied Mustang is one of the most recognizable of all police forces. And it's even cooler when you realize what it's covering: a special version of the 1982-1993 Mustang. Complete with beefed up suspension and all kinds of police goodies, including several to increase the car's reliability and its ability to haul cop equipment, the CHP Mustang was ready to take down whatever came at it (or ran from it) on California's freeways.

Photo credit: The Brain Toad, flickr

6.) German Landespolizi Porsche 911

Suggested By: bugattatra

Why It's Great Looking: Even though they only have an additional 15 bhp under the hood (trunk), it's the green stripes that make the law-enforcement 911 faster. That, and the aero kit fitted to help with high speed directional stability. The green stripes, in addition to adding at least 10 hp, are bordered by reflective silver tape, which aids visibility on late night, high-speed chases.

Photo credit: Super Police Cars

5.) Michigan State Police

Suggested By: armmim

Why It's Great Looking: While armmim specifically nominated the Michigan State Police's Corvette ZR-1, we think the whole force is pretty awesome looking. From the beautiful shade of emerald blue to the big red gumball light up top to the big overriders on the bumper, these are some clean, sharp, cool looking cop cars. The paint scheme is straightforward, and that's ok. Who said police cars had to have all kinds of slogans all over them?

Photo credit:

4.) Maryland State Trooper

Suggested By: SlowMo

Why It's Great Looking: Keeping with the "less is more" theme, we present the Maryland State Trooper. A totally different approach from the bright blue of the Michigan units, the Maryland cars are a very particular shade of greenish-brown. All the better to hide in the bushes and nail you with the radar gun. Despite being a highly unappetizing color, they somehow manage to take "ugly as sin" and turn it around into "downright evil." I wouldn't want to get stopped by one of these guys.

Photo credit:

3.) Kentucky State Police 1957 Chevrolet

Suggested By: cgarison

Why It's Great Looking: There's a man who is proud of his company car. Would you blame him? That's a damn sharp looking set of wheels, regardless of which side of the law it's on. Heck, if he was gonna give me a ticket, I'd pull over just to keep him from getting that Chevy dirty.

Photo credit: Kentucky State Police

2.) Rome Police Ferrari 250 GTE

Suggested By: t_s

Why It's Great Looking: Out of 40 originally ordered by Roman law enforcement, only two were delivered. One was on the streets, chasing villains for over a decade. It now lives in the Roman Police Museum. What can be said about an all-black 250 GTE with a gumball light on the top? Nothing. It's just too cool.

Photo credit: ::Marco::, flickr

1.) Houston PD Ghost Challenger

Suggested By: Drewids

Why It's Great Looking: The HPD Dodge Charger is one of the many "ghost" cars on the highway. It utilizes a faint white striping along the side to disguise its law enforcement credentials until it's too late. This, combined with the black wheels and black grille, give it a look both amazing and insideous.

Photo credit: av8pix