When his fiancee dumped him, Richard Jordan bought a Lamborghini Gallardo and went on a cross-country journey. What car would you buy after a break-up?

We're honestly not the same mixture of crazy bold and just crazy it takes to ditch everything and put ourselves massively in debt for a dream on a whim. Yet whether you think Richard's journey is the greatest achievement in history or just a tad bit irresponsible, it's hard to deny the spirit of recovering from a catastrophic dumping by selling all you can and buying the car of your dreams.

A Gallardo is great, but if we're really going wild here we want something to match our style. We're going to get something we're always tempted to get but are restrained by cost our sense. This is about letting go. This is about freedom. This is, clearly, about a Citroen SM. The sophistication of a Citroen with a Maser V6. It's fast, it's gorgeous, it's kind of insane and only something you're going to want to take cross-country if you've got a mechanic traveling with you or no distractions. And we're getting the matching luggage.

What's your fantasy post-awful-break-up car?

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