A member of the Rennlist forum's reporting from a Porsche Sales Managers meeting that the Germans are planning a product onslaught. Like what? How about a new 911 Speedster, Cayman Spyder and a distinct possibility of the 918 being built.

The report in total:

Late 2010 and 2011 will be a very exciting year with Audi and Porsche. Porsche has growth plans to 150,000 cars worldwide by 2014. The US gets around 30%. They will end their fiscal year on July 31 and will have a 2010 Short fiscal year through December 31 the switch to 2011 year to match the calendar year. This does not affect the model years of years but will make their annual plans match the calendar years going forward. They will be "out of the incentive business" and into the inventory control business working on a strict supply and demand model. This makes our sales performance critical since the supply of cars will be short and controlled. They plan for 11,294 US sales August through Dec and 25,000 CY 2011. FY 2010 should be around 22,000 cars for the US.

Here's what we can expect in the next year:

6/10 Panamera V6

Cayenne V8 and Turbo

9/10 Cayenne V6 perhaps earlier

10/10 Cayenne Hybrid

Late 2010 911 Speedster 100 cars, wide body, RWD, PDK, PCCB, PASM, LSD, 408 hp, 19" wheels, 2 seats, "exclusive built car" white, blue or color to sample MSRP approx $200,000.00

Late 2010/early 2011 GT2 RS 135 cars, 620 hp, $245,000.000, 0-60 3.4, red, silver, black, white, color to sample, a/c delete, audio delete, carbon fender option, pccb, red alcantra, etc. These will be allocated by the regional manager on an as needed bases. We will need a minimum $20,000.00 non refundable deposit and WILL NOT SELL OUT OF MARKET. The dealership will decide who can get the ONE car we may get. All cars will be built over a two month period and all shipped at the same time.

Spring 2011 Carrera GTS wide body, RWD, 6 spd, 408 hp, center lock wheels, sport design nose, sport exhaust, etc. Coupe $103,100. Cab $112,900.

Spring 2011 Cayman "Spyder" type car, lighter, more hp, Spyder design clues, 330 hp $65,300.00.

918 Spyder Not finalized for production BUT, we will know VERY SOON AND IT WILL BE VERY QUICK TO BUILD!!! They will have the car at Pebble Beach as an invitation only viewing for invited guests. I would contact Les, Lou, Scogna, Gatta, etc who may be SERIOUS buyers and see if we can get them into the Pebble Beach showing. When the car gets approved, if it does, we will be requiring $50,000.00 non refundable deposit once a build slot is secured, no promises. They will be local deliveries only and controlled by the dealership.

That's all the info we got from management

Okay, so did you get that? Aside from the poor people's Panamera and hybrid Cayenne and GT2 RS which we already knew about, we're looking at two new low-volume specialty cars, the 911 Carerra GTS and a 911 Speedster which both sound very tasty. The Cayman "Spyder" (isn't that a Boxster?) is headed to the showrooms with a higher price tag than the Boxster and if they stick with "Spyder," a terrifying name. Think about it a second, a cayman is a crocodile, so we're talking 8-legged crocs capable of climbing walls and spinning web. We're all doomed.


Hopefully the Porsche 918 isn't doomed, and hopefully it can put some hair on the chest of this whole "hybrid" idea, assuming of course it goes to production resembling the high-powered hybrid we saw debut in Geneva. [TeamSpeed via [0-60]