We all love talking about cars. We all love our cars. We all love talking about our cars. But some owners, it seems, can't talk about anything else. What car owners won't shut up about their cars?

In our experience, people who own Volkswagens cannot, for some reason, talk about anything else most of the time. Specifically, people who own relatively stock newer ones. It's like some sort of addiction. I talk about old Volvos constantly, but I'm willing to entertain the idea that there are other cars on the market with their own merits. This isn't a put-down — just a statement of fact that every discussion devolves into a defense of FWD performance, cost-to-own and how VW products are way better than they used to be. It's not like the cops are singling out your Passat CC because they think it's some sort of hot property. They don't even know what a Passat CC is.


Let's try to help out some of our more single-minded friends by singling them out.

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Photo Credit: atanasaija1/Shutterstock