Andrew Brian McKnight works at a Waffle House in Tennessee. When a customer allegedly attempted to run him over after running out on a check, McKnight ended up on the hood of his car. Sound bad? It gets worse.

The customer, 18-year-old Christopher Allen Miller, drove away from the scene with McKnight still on his hood and, according to police, reached speeds of up to 60 mph. McKnight then called 911 and attempted to inform the operator of his plight:

McKnight: "Yeah, I need you to send a cop car to Highway 99 at Cason Lane immediately. I'm stuck on the hood of somebody's car and they refuse to stop."

Dispatcher: "Now, do what now?"

The ride lasted approximately five minutes; Miller stopped of his own accord, and police arrived soon after. Oh, and one more thing: McKnight didn't even work at the Waffle House in question. He was just there drinking coffee and having a cigarette.